Video Performance Coaching & Image Strategy

I bring you and your gifts into focus…
…and raise the level of your video to meet your expertise.
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I’m glad you’re here. Because video is unavoidable.
And the need to be at your best has never been more crucial.

Whether you’re…
An Entrepreneur or Business Professional.
An Expert or Thought Leader.

Whether you use video for promotion, marketing, training
or an interview at the summit…
If your performance falls short or your message fails to connect…
You damage your brand, your credibility and your bottom line.

It’s not uncommon to be camera-shy.
To lack confidence.
To feel uncomfortable or self-conscious in front of the camera.
Or simply lack the tools you need to make video work for you.

And while you can get past these obstacles.
It’s nearly impossible getting past them on your own.

It takes an outside trained and discerning eye.
Someone with the skill to help you reach your personal best.

Someone to help you find confidence and credibility on camera.
To insure every aspect captures who you are and what you do.
Someone to help you deepen your relationship and connection with your audience for the greatest impact.

Because in every video something stops you from making your best impression or keeps your message from landing…

You undermine your brand and damage your bottom line.
And that is a loss none of us can afford.

If you are ready to take your video to the next level, so you can take your business to the next level…
Reach out. Let’s have a conversation.
See if we’re a fit.
And if we are. Let’s start!

Virtual or In Person. Global or Local.
Our work is individualized. There is no one-size-fits-all.
Private Coaching | Group Workshops | Group Coaching
Together we’ll reach your personal best. Not someone else’s best. But your own unique best.
And if you’re so new to video you don’t even know where to start…we’ll do that too!



Elaine inspires and educates her audience on the topics of…

  • How to connect with your audience in video. When it happens. What it feels like and where it can take you in your business.
  • How to find your ‘true self’ in front of the camera and discover the freedom that will improve every aspect of your business and life.


  • How becoming good at video will make you a stronger speaker and communicator on a stage or in a boardroom .
  • How to become direct and present in your performance so that your message doesn’t just land…but sticks and is remembered.


Elaine Hausman your talk was amazing. Very captivating.

Caterina Rando – Founder

Thriving Women in Business Community & Center

“A Pro”

“…great presentation last night, you certainly are a pro.

Kathleen Aspenns – Wellness Practioner

Tellington TTouch Method Equine Practitioner

“The best speaker we’ve ever had”

I’ve been a member of NEW [Networking Entrepreneurial Women of Marin] for several years. We’ve had good speakers and some who could have been better. I would like to announce you were the best speaker we’ve ever had. Thank you for your wise words and your believable presence.

Barbara Squires – The Busy B

Concierge Services | Event Planning


Want to say that you are a natural at presentation, as well as incredibly talented at your craft. Your broadway story at the end was a seat gripper, stunning.

Sonya White – BodyGuides

Autoimmune Specialist

“Sharing your wisdom”

Thank you Elaine Hausman for sharing your wisdom, your gifts, your talents and even more importantly your beautiful spirit of authenticity and kindness!

Patricia Allen, CRPC – Paris Financial Planning

Wealth Advisor



I spent 18 years as a Juilliard-trained professional actor working with some of the finest award-winning directors and designers in the American Theatre.

I learned to act at Juilliard.
I also learned what it meant to be credible and watchable.

And gained an appreciation and understanding of visual composition which lead me to see things from a creative point of view with a real eye for detail ever since.

  • Stage

    The Public Theatre
    Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM)
    The Kennedy Center
    The Guthrie in Minneapolis
    The Ahmanson at the Doolittle (LA)
    The Mark Taper Forum (LA)

  • Leading Roles Opposite

    Kevin Kline
    Sigourney Weaver
    Amy Irving
    Maureen O’Sullivan

  • Television — Starring & Featured Roles

    Assaulted Nuts
    Starring Role – Comedy Series
    (Thames Station, England & Cinemax)

    Falcon Crest
    Recurring Role
    (Lorimar – CBS)

    The Time of Your Life
    Featured Role
    (Theatre in America – PBS)

    I had already left acting but was tempted back in 2004 and 2009…

    Recurring Role
    (FX Channel)

  • Film

    Running with Scissors
    (Although the part written
    for me by Ryan Murphy
    was cut in the final edit!)
    (Sony Pictures)


From acting I unexpectedly went into Marketing and Sales. I spent 22 years as a consultant behind company brands as a spokesperson, brand ambassador and educator in such diverse fields as home fragrance and concierge medicine.

I set overall company brand and marketing strategies, directed PR firms and graphic designers, edited company educational videos and drove website design in addition to writing content.

Whether selling products for the American leader in home fragrance or high-end concierge medical programs, I found an unanticipated love and ease in sales.


I first met Elaine Hausman at The Juilliard School. She was widely acknowledged as an extraordinary actress and her subsequent career on Broadway and Off provided her with an array of dazzling roles, both comedic and dramatic. I had the great privilege of working with Elaine on the Golden Globe-winning TV series “Nip/Tuck,” where I was a writer and Executive Producer. Elaine played a woman who accidentally lit her face on fire. Her performance was so rich and poignant that the entire writing staff demanded the character return and she soon after became a recurring role.

Elaine’s later transition into the world of business was a loss for the performing arts, but one that makes perfect sense. It allowed her to expand the unique and creative approach that served her as an actress so successfully; her keen eye for detail, her meticulous professionalism, her masterful ability to present herself with poise and dynamism easily translated into the fields of marketing and sales to great effect.

I’ve watched Elaine derive enormous pleasure and satisfaction establishing personal relationships in her business endeavors while helping to solve problems with the same passion, commitment and thoughtfulness she employed as an actress. There’s no one I would trust more to maximize my on-screen presence and help me represent my business to its full potential.

Richard Levine  Writer, Director, Producer: Nip/Tuck, Boss, Masters of Sex

Elaine is my video performance coach on the wonderful mission to help me become more ‘credible & watchable’ during my online courses and trainings. Her guidance and methods are simply priceless. I went from being nervous to being confident, from being ashamed about my flaws (English is my second language) to being relaxed (even proud) about them and from being camera shy to being camera confident. Working with Elaine would be a total game changer for anyone who wants to perform at their best.

Larisa Petrini Health & Age Reversal Expert: Keep GLOWING

I got the Hillary Clinton part that I auditioned for! Wow! I can’t believe that I’ll be making my stage acting debut, and at the legendary Second City in Chicago, of all places. Thank you so much, Elaine, for giving me some wonderful acting tips that were super helpful to me and helped me nail my audition and get the part. Elaine also has a great YouTube channel that gives amazing tips for those looking to be more comfortable being on video. I highly recommend that you work with Elaine. Whether you need acting or tips or whether you’re looking to greatly increase your comfort level on camera, Elaine has the skills, expertise, and know how to take you to the next level. Thank you, Elaine!

Julie Kaylin Voice Over Artist, Singer, Songwriter & Happiness Coach

April Blake Biofeedback, Light Therapy & Wellness Enhancement

Billy Sunday Mars TCowboYoga Dojo & AUMM Gym

Marsha Golangco Author, Speaker and Feng Shui Expert

Ginger Weeden Set In Motion Marketing & Media

I highly recommend working with Elaine. She has so much knowledge, and is kind and so encouraging in her teaching style! I’ve benefitted so much and now feel so much more confident in using video technology for my business!.

Andrea Batz Burnett  Level V Circle Leader | Rodan + Fields

I really enjoyed your videos. I really appreciate your content and even keel delivery. It’s inspiring to see you highlighting your gifting/sharing lessons learned/taught while using your visibility to demonstrate compassion for those who need it most.

Vickie McCune, MBA, LSSGB Vickie McCune Realty

Elaine, You have a magic way of simplifying the most complex of subjects and bringing it down to it’s bare essence. And in doing so, making it completely easy to understand. If only more teachers and people in general, followed your concept of speaking to be understood. It would make communication between people so much easier. Brilliant analysis! 🙂

Arlene Robbins, Executive Assistant | Office Manager Yeshiva University Investment Office

I worked side-by-side with Elaine in a senior living environment for over 3 years. She has a gift for developing trust-based relationships. More than that, her personal standards of excellence and impeccability cannot be matched. Her strong skills reflect her high standards.

Millie Anderson  Owner/Senior Real Estate Specialist & Realtor ‘Mom’s New Pad’

I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Elaine Hausman in two different settings. I found her to be exceptionally personable and professional. She is warm, friendly, articulate and compassionate. She engages her audience with sincerity. Elaine was a true pleasure to work with. As my career has developed since working with her I have not yet met another person like Elaine.

Bradlee Ann Foerschner, CDAL, Executive Director Belmont Village Thousand Oaks, CA



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