The Most Essential Ingredient for Connection in Video

By Elaine Hausman

 | June 26, 2021

I have such a deep need for connection since the pandemic. The need for communion is real.

And while watching a video on the topic of authenticity recently I realized something important.

In video there is no connection unless you are authentic.

It is an essential ingredient of connection.

The two are inseparable and cannot exist without the other.

The simple act of wanting to connect with your audience will lead you to discover your humanness, to discover the truth of you.

The journey to find yourself in video will bring you to where connection resides and where invitation becomes possible.

However you enter video, whatever your intention, one will lead you to the other.

And it is within their perfect and inseparable union that deep and meaningful communion can begin.

And where you and your audience can seek refuge and meet.


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